In You - A Teenage Soccer Referee, the only success book ever published exclusively for teenage soccer referees (and their parents), you'll learn how to make money, improve your own game, handle angry parents, and most importantly, have fun while doing it. 
So You Want to Start Refereeing?
Maybe you've seen your friends making some extra money on weekends and you'd like to give it a try. Maybe you had a referee in a game and thought, I can do as good as that ref! Or maybe some coaches or parents have encouraged you because they know that when you start to referee, you'll become a better player.
But you've heard the horror stories about crazy adults who think it's their place to scream at teenage referees. Maybe you've gone on You Tube and watched those "crazy soccer parent" videos. Maybe your parent or coach is one of those crazy people and you aren't sure it's worth it for you to try.
I'm here to tell you that it is worth it . This book will help you have fun with refereeing while you make money and improve your own game.
What You'll Learn Inside of You - A Teenage Soccer Referee
  • ​Why studying the “Laws of the Game” and passing a test is only one small part of the journey
  • ​​Why adults yell at youth referees and what you can to do prepare yourself for the first time it happens
  • ​​How to handle coaches and spectators who misbehave (the players are rarely the problem!)
  • ​​How to prepare for that first game and first season
  • ​The “Rules of Engagement” when dealing with assignors
  • ​What you should insist on when working with adult referees
  • ​Why studying not only the rules, but the back stories of the top referees in the world is so valuable
  • ​Why refereeing has so many benefits (besides the money) for teenagers
Who is You - A Teenage Soccer Referee for?
  • Teenagers who have started or are thinking about starting refereeing youth soccer games (and may be nervous about being screamed at by an adult for “bad calls")
  • Parents of teenagers who thinks it would be cool for their soccer-loving child to make some money refereeing soccer games on the weekend (and may have heard about “crazy soccer parents and coaches” who can make life miserable for young referees)
  • ​​Adults who care deeply about the future of youth soccer in America
"Ben, I REALLY appreciate your book, “YOU, A Teenage Soccer Referee”. I know it is “a labor of love” AND passion! You have addressed the many areas for the youth referee - from parents to players and more, with your "dos and don'ts"! I HOPE this can entice and help kids in the local, regional, state, and national levels to not only become referees, but become better referees. In my view, being a good referee is doing things “for the good of the game,” be that the right call or taking care of the players mentally and physically." -Bob Heyer, Referee 
FREE BONUS included in your order of You - A Teenage Soccer Referee...
You'll receive an autographed version of You - A Teenage Soccer Referee and an official Teenage Soccer Referee flip coin!
Meet Ben Glass, Author of You - A Teenage Soccer Referee

Ben Glass is an nationally recognized attorney, author, speaker, business coach and, most importantly for this book, began his refereeing “career” in 1974, at the age of 16, back when the goalkeeper could pick the ball up with his hands, take four steps, bounce the ball and take four more steps (for just about as long as he liked.) 

Today, almost 50 years later, Mr. Glass spends most of his refereeing time keeping up with 16 to 18-year-olds in high school soccer games in Northern Virginia and mentoring young referees on the mindset side of the game.

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